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Another day, another selfish hi

Another day, another selfish hi

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This weekend I had the real, real privilege to be tattooed by Cindy Ray. 

Cindy is a living legend, and still one of the biggest babes you could ever meet. A tattooed woman and single mother in a pretty conservative time, accidentally a huge success ; world famous and funny as hell. 

Not many people know this, but Cindy still tattoos out of her old shop here in Melbourne on weekends, taking walk-ins at 72. Saturday was quiet, and we hung out all afternoon drinking coffee on the back porch. Cindy still charges $70 flat for tattoos, when her contemporaries are charging tenfold just to tattoo their signatures… and they’re still making pilgrimages to her shop, asking to marry her on a regular basis. 

Cindy has read and written avidly, and now seems to give most of her money to animal welfare groups. She really knows her stuff. At the end of the day, she didn’t even charge me ; but invited us for dinner at her house to meet her dog. So honoured to have these photos, and a small piece of her to carry with me from now on. 

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Léa Seydoux, photographed by Alasdair McLellan for i-D Magazine

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moon and venus 9.8.2013 b


moon and venus 9.8.2013 b

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It’s nearly 10:30 pm and I want blueberries..

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the lilacs in our yard are really beautiful

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